As a TV commercial director, Lawrence Bridges started more than one trend. He added letters to the alphabet of film vocabulary in this ground breaking edit of the Honda Scooters commercial featureing Lou Reed, helped establish the zeitgeist of the 1980's mania for musica videos with his edit of Michael Jackson's Beat it, realized the full potential of the advertising media's power of propaganda, this time on the Capitalists' side with his edit of David Bailey footage for Reebok, created a new syntax that now contemporary film, feature to YouTube, as been able to escape since in Joe Pytkas Laundramatte commercial, as gave Brad Pitt his first gig in front of the camera when he directed Pringles Beach.



Music video by Michael Jackson performing Beat It


Reebok - Chiat\Day

Director David Bailey

Editor Lawrence Bridges


Wieden + Kennedy - Honda Feat. Lou Reed

Director Steve Horn

Editor Lawrence Bridges


Brad Pitt - PRINGLES

Directed and Edited by Lawrence Bridges


Robert Downey Jr. and Sarah Jessica Parker for Rock the Vote 1992

Directed by Larry Bridges


Lee Jeans Agency Fallon Worldwide

Director Joe Pytka

Editor Lawrence Bridges